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Here’s a bit of an update on what to expect in the coming months on Bibliogal Book Review!  For the ENTIRE month of September, I will be putting up nothing but books in, on, or about the HISTORICAL Genre. Nonfiction, Fiction, Romancefrabz-History-Buff-What-my-friends-think-I-am-What-my-mom-thinks-I-am--1760a2; if it is set in the 1950’s or older, I’m going to talk about it.  Mostly,it’s an excuse to read some books that have been on the back end of my TBR for a while.  Historical is one of my favorite genres next to Urban Fantasy and sadly, I’ve realized that I hardly have any covered in my review pile!

The Month of October will be dedicated to SUSPENSE/THRILLER categories. I spend most of the year reviewing Paranormal, Dystopian, Sci Fi, and Urban Fantasy.  All of these have elements of traditional HORROR in them, so I thought I’d celebrate the month with another type of “Spine Tingler”

I hope you guys are enjoying the Book Review.  We’re a few months shy of a year and I’m enjoying it so far.  The learning curve has been huge and I’m grateful to my audience for allowing me time to have growing pains!

As Always, Happy Reading!


Book Review: Type X by M.A. Phipps


Okay, let’s start this review off with a link to my review of Book 1 in the Project W.A.R Trilogy, Ultraxenopia.  Trust me, it will save you a lot of time and confusion, not to mention, I can save a bit on my word count. tumblr_inline_npyun1MlsB1rxr4x6_500

So, now that you’ve gone and read about Book 1, let us proceed to Book 2. (Dr. Richter will be pleased with your progress) …(Okay, inside joke for those who’ve read the books😉 ) Normally this is the part where I insert clever memes and gifs, but M.A. Phipps has generously provided me with some teaser pics that will do nicely.


Type X, picks up 2 years after the last book.  It’s hard to say much since I don’t want to give spoilers, especially since Release Day isn’t until Friday 08/19/2016! Anyway, 2 years later and Wynter is not the naive girl she used to be.  She has become a weapon, brainwashed by the State and used to destroy cities and countries with a mere thought.  She’s like Jean Grey’s Dark Pheonix, seriously, it’s bad.  x-men-apocalypse-trailer-hints-at-dark-phoenix-will-jean-grey-go-bad-ok-this-visual-is-778725So while Wynter is focusing on surviving and getting her Dark Phoenix on, the actual resistance known as Pheonix is plotting her extraction.  Eventually, she’s caught off guard and ends up reunited with her former friends.

Par the course for brainwashing, Wynter doesn’t remember ANY of them, and her rescuers have become her captors.

This book has a LOT going on, in a good way, not a confusing one.  Wynter has PTSD, 67415704Stockholm Syndrome,amnesia, and uncontrollable powers to contend with.  All this going on while a civil war is brewing…seriously, M.A. Phipps, have you ever done a stint as a writer at Marvel?


I really enjoyed this novel and I need to thank my lucky stars and the author for allowing me to read it as an ARC.  I’m absolutely giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars!tumblr_louhxo5DxL1qzj6s0.gif It’s Dystopian and if you like the Hunger Games, Divergent, The Giver, etc. You’ll love this one.  It’s got a lot of violence and a bit of sexual content so I’d rate it at a PG level.  Probably 15 years and up would be my conservative recommendation on this one.

You can pre-order it on Amazon, or just wait until Friday, but either way make sure it’s on your e-reader! (or book if you are so inclined.) I’ll set up some stalking links below and leave you with this teensy tiny disclaimer…..* I don’t own Marvel, Jean Grey, Dark Pheonix. I only borrowed their images from the interwebs.  Marvel don’t come after me, it’s really flattery to mention your franchise in this post…M.A. Phipps wrote a good one ;) 

Join M.A. Phipps on Friday, August 19,2016 to celebrate the release of Type X! Lots of great authors will be attending as well as Phipps herself! It’s sure to be fun…and we all know you’ll be checking Facebook anyway😉 Type X Release Party

M.A. Phipps on Facebook  M.A.


Review: Laws of Attraction by RC Boldt


So, not long ago I made the rule that Bibliogal would stop reviewing Contemporary Romance and Erotica.  I still stand by that rule but RC Boldt gets grandfathered in. Why, because it’s my blog and I can change the rule anytime. Also, she writes good books. resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-meme-generator-basically-i-do-what-i-want-7653fc


So, to start our journey into Book 4 of the Teach Me series, I will let you know up front that l_06e79b70-d56b-11e1-9fc1-1ba0d2f00005I won a paperback copy in a contest….using a picture of THIS GUY………Misha Friggin’ Collins! This pretty much means we’re off to a good start already  ;)

I received my prize and dove in.  I’ve read books 1-3 in this series and the main character in Laws of Attraction, Langley, had been mentioned briefly in them.  Her love interest Lawson has been a secondary character in an ensemble cast and featured throughout all of the previous books.  I’m not gonna lie, Lawson is my favorite MC ever! (Yes Mr. Darcy, he knocked you off your pedestal, though you’ll always be my first😉 ) While these characters are featured in previous novels, this book , like all the others in the series, can be read as a stand alone.

Lawson is an elementary school reading teacher with a Star Wars obsession, razor sharp wit, a ready smile, and a heart of gold. Plus he’s a Cross Fit devotee, but he’s not a douche about it, I gotta appreciate that. He’s always going out of his way to help his friends and 13901316_1155860984486088_1556666406995683232_nmake them smile.  That’s my formula for a Prince Charming!

Langley is a former United States Air Force Combat Pararescuemen, also known as a PJ. She’s had a pretty shitty life and her military career was all she had going for her until she was more or less forced out.  She finds herself in Florida working for a security company and being forced to attend karaoke parties with her boss’s friends.  At first, she attends these outings begrudgingly, but soon the group grows on her and she begins to relax.  She also finds that she’s attracted to the goofy Lawson.  This is something she absolutely did not want, but then again, the heart wants what it wants😉

The book is about Langley trying to overcome her emotional baggage and her past and learning to trust her heart.  Sigh! I fell for it.  I absolutely loved this book.  I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 stars!

I loved this book and all the others in the series because the characters are actually fairly believable.  No crazy billionaires, no forbidden or taboo stuff, no secret babies, all things that make me cringe.  They are a large ensemble cast of characters and each one is unique and likable.  This book in particular made me laugh so hard!  Puns, Sexy Yoda Talk, embarrassing Grandmas, and flighty but lovable Moms!  I also love Lawson’s penchant for graphic tee shirts…I share this love.  OpnhCCb.png

Langley is a force to be reckoned with and a strong female MC.  She’s a fully dimensional character, but not a total Mary Sue, which is refreshing.  As a former PJ she can definitely hold her own and she can match wits with Lawson in the joke cracking department.  Brains, Brawn, and Beauty…the trifecta!  I would recommend this for Romance Readers with a sense of humor and nerds who like their MC Hero’s to have a great sense of humor! Not for kids! Definite 18+ age range due to some sexy scenes😉

You can find Laws of Attraction and the other books in the Teach Me series at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, RC Boldt’s website, and soon at a Walmart near you!

Happy Reading!




Book Review: Atancia by Wren Figueiro


Atancia by Wren Figueiro is a YA or NA Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance….that’s a mouthful!23076121.ChippyWithaMouthful That’s at least how I would describe it. Atancia, or “Atty” as she is referred to, is a typical college student. She’s responsible, shy, respectful, and very loving to her adopted grandmother.  After witnessing a death, she experiences what she believes is a series of panic attacks.  For some reason this onset of panic attacks triggers her Nana to mention something Atty’s long lost mother had told her.

This secret, in turn, puts Atty on a journey to figure out the mystery of her missing mother and who she really is.  Along the way she meets a mysterious guy named Ben. Ben is wealthy, handsome, and an all around perfect guy with seemingly no flaws.  Atty and Ben hit it off and find themselves attached to each other pretty quickly.  Ben drops the bombshell of Atty’s origins and invites her to his home in Australia to explore further.

I have to say the premise of this book sounds pretty good on the surface.  In fact it isn’t too bad.  You’ve got a family origins mystery to solve, exploring supernatural powers, and traveling the world. It’s got a lot of pluses in it.  I have to say though, I couldn’t connect with the characters very well.  It felt like I was being “told” a story rather than being invited in to the story.  Like when your co worker tells you about their weekend on a Monday before you’ve finished your coffee; you hear what they’re saying but it’s just not connecting in your brain yet.frog21 (1)  The story also moves a bit slow and and the pacing is all over the place. Also the characters are too good to be true. I know authors love their characters and will defend them to the death…which is a good thing. In order to have a character be believable they need to have some sort of flaw…even a small one. Atty is perfect. She reacts normally and sanely in any situation, which drove me a little crazy. For example….Ben drops a bombshell out of the blue about his origins, and has some insight into hers as well, and it’s like she shrugs her shoulders and that’s it. No questioning, no freak out, nothing. Even a calm and in control person would have some sort of reaction to crazy information.

When the setting moves from Miami, Florida to Australia’s Blue Mountains things perked up a bit.  It was refreshing to see Australia that way, as I’ve never been. It actually made me think about putting it on my travel bucket list.frabz-I-should-visit-Australia-39ebc9

I think this would be really good with a little revision and tweaking so I’m giving it 3 out of 5 stars. Atancia is the first book in the Durand Duology series and the sequel: For Atancia is also available.  For more information check out the links below:

Wren Figueiro Facebook

Wren Figueiro Goodreads





Book Review: Dark Dreams and Dead Things by Martina McAtee


So, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, totally fangirling about Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things! Well, Book 2, the above mentioned Dark Dreams and Dead Things is being released TODAY!!! I was lucky enough to receive an Advanced Reader Copy last week, so I could deliver the scoop today!

bc373e8f584036de53d3674eaf7207ac56b54336_hq So let’s delve into the deliciousness that Dead Things brings us.  Okay so In Book 1, we are introduced to the cast of characters and their various supernatural abilities.  There are growing pains and lots of action, then book some bad crap happens and you have a ton of feels and you’re kinda left with a WTF and a cliff hanger.  Not bad though, gets your blood pumped for the next installment, which is of course upon us!

Now we are at a pivotal point in time for our characters and while the 3 (Kai, Ember, Tristan) figure out how to control their powers, the threat of the Grove, and a coven full of truly heinous mean girls; the rest of the pack has to figure out how to stop a nasty troop of immortal assassins known as the Legionnaires. If that isn’t enough to get your anxiety pumping, they need to find a mysterious witch with a serious power to help them, Ember can’t find Mace…who happens to be in a terrible awful place, Rhys and Kai are trying to deal with emotions (and by now we know how that works out most of the time) Tristen is being a well…I’ll let this handy little gif explain it tumblr_n4lvqt4QGm1r6hoj2o2_250:

Haha bet you thought I was gonna say the B word! But anyway, shizz has hit the fan and our brave band of heroes has a full plate.  Plus there’s an uber creepy stalkery magician type playing head games.  Not Cool.

This book was so jam packed with action that it was hard to believe it was a sequel.  Most of the time second books are fillers to move on to the next installment and elicit little emotion from me. This one was soooo good! and it still forwarded the overall plot and made me look forward to Book 3!

I’m happily giving it 5 out of 5 stars! I also recommend this one to the 15yrs and up crowd due to the teen drama and supernatural type violence. Gotta say my favorite line in the book was when Tristin and Ember were fighting it out and then this happened…”So you’re a bitch because you’re hungry?” Ember can deliver some good ones! OMG laughed out  tumblr_inline_nzmzrlN1F11te58zi_500loud! It also made me think a little about how I feel about Miss T. Dunno if it was McAtee’s intention and this is purely my opinion, but she is a female Dean Winchester.  She’s loyal, loves her brother to her detriment, get’s real HANGRY, is very stabby, and isn’t so good with feelings.  I’m starting to think I actually love Tristin and that’s a sign of a good writer. When she creates a character that you hate, but then starts making you see all of the pieces of them.  So while I’m putting Tristan on my Christmas card list, but not the fancy one with my family picture, the generic one with the random message that you pick up at Kmart.  I’ll wait until book 3 to see if she gets upgraded! Good Job, Martina McAtee and Happy Book Birthday!

Book Review: The Witnessing of Matlyn Wren by Jennifer Lynn January


The Witnessing of Matlyn WrenThe Witnessing of Matlyn Wren by Jennifer Lynn January

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Every now and then I sign up for review requests and receive them. This book was described to me as Urban Fantasy, which it is, but it’s more like Urban Erotic Fantasy. That’s not my normal jam, but I liked it well enough. The author has a vast array of colorful characters and vividly captures what I think New 815ea60538261f3943b04975273552b6Orleans must be like. (Never been there, but I’ve heard things lol) The premise of the story is pretty good. Beings known as Omens are bearing witness to important moments in the lives of regular people. There are Light and Dark Omens and are just as you could imagine. Light Omens witness the good happening to a deserving person, while Dark Omens witness, well Dark events in a person’s life before they ultimately end. The subject they are witnessing then appears as a story tatooed on the Watcher’s body.
Baker, a Dark
Omen is witnessing Matlyn Wren, while Ingrid, a Light Omen is simultaneously witnessing her sister Parrish. It was neat to read these stories simultaneously and compare the differences.
Baker finds himself in a bit of a pickle when his jaded sensibilities are washed away and he develo55047970ps an intense attraction to his latest charge…Matlyn.
Not a fan of erotic elements, but technically speaking, the writer has a good character development and the story progression was a bit confusing because it went back and forth through time. I do have to say that I was glad I got a chance to read
this because it made me hop out of my YA comfort bubble. Change is a good thing!
All in all I give it a 4 star review and recommend it to 18yrs and up crowd for explicit material. Happy Reading!da71a62bce8dca0ecc43c99af4e94325

If you think you’d like to give it a go here are the appropriate links😀 :


Jennifer Lynn January’s Facebook 



Book Review: Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things by Martina McAtee


Gonna start this one off a little differently….with an excerpt from the Author’s Bio.

….Her influences include Christopher Pike, R.L. Stine, Joss Whedon, L.J. Smith and even J.K. Rowling….”  After reading this how could you not be interest in the world she’s created? I mean I like those people too.  So, let’s delve into Bell Haven, a weird little town based in Florida.


The book starts off like most epic YA Paranormal books. The main character believes he/she is a normal teen with popularity issues and a not so great home life and when a tragedy strikes them, they discover their entire life was a lie.  Like I said, starts off easy well, but the way McAtee writes, it’s so much more.  Ember is a normal enough teenage girl.  She lives with her dad, a mean alcoholic, and works part time at a funeral parlor. Okay, so a teen working at a funeral parlor isn’t normal, that might be why she’s not very popular…I don’t really know. Ember would rather spend all her time with the dead than the living and finds solace at the funeral parlor and uses the cemeteries of New Orleans as her own private playground.  We meet Ember on the day of her own father’s funeral.  Instead of mourning him, she is working.  Mr. Miller, her boss basically forces her to attend his burial and take some time off.  This is the catalyst that will change her life forever.

While at her father’s graveside service, Ember begins to feel different, ill.  While trying to get control of herself and not cause a scene, she notices a weird guy lurking around.  Before she can think on it, he’s gone and she mysteriously feels much better.

Meanwhile in the tiny town of Bell Haven, twins Kai and Tristen are having a regular day at school. Well, as regular a day as you can have when you attend a high school full of supernatural beings.   Kai is a reaper….as in Grim and Tristen is a banshee.  Kai notices that he’s up to collect a soul and that soul happens to be his dead cousin.  Tristen without warning lets out a banshee scream, which is crazy because apparently, she hadn’t been able to do it since she was a young child.  So now we have 2 mysteries set up.  Fun Fun.

Turns out that Ember is the soul Kai is supposed to collect and the reason why Tristen screamed for the first time in years.  The cousins reunite while trying to save Ember from meeting her end.  Turns out the mystery guy she saw in the cemetery might want to kill her and since, her name was on Kai’s collection to do list, it seemed obvious to everyone that they should incapacitate Ember’s attacker and abduct her back to Bell Haven, where their guardian Isa can help them figure out what’s going on.

Of course, things aren’t that easy to fix and lot’s of messy, angsty, teen filled supernatural drama awaits you!

I could go on from here but I’m not.  This book has a large cast of characters each with a side story.  It’s also very detailed and the world building is extremely well done.  I don’t feel like I could do it justice….so you’re gonna have to read it yourself!

This book is the first in a series, the second one Dark Dreams and Dead things comes out tomorrow and I’ll have a few words to say about that after it releases😉 .  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I haven’t been this obsessed with a series since Cassandra Clare introduced us to Shadowhunters!  The characters made me run the full gamut of emotions.  Happy, Giddy, Sad, Angry, Depressed, Hysterical.  All the guys are my new book boyfriends and the girls are people I wanna hang with…except Tristan, she’s been excluded from my Christmas Card list, for reasons described within the book.

I happily give this book 5 out of 5 stars and will obsess over it the same way I do Supernatural.  My love runs deep and true with this one! It’s YA and fairly clean.  There are53914-Supernatural-fangirling-gif-yP8E normal teen shenanigans and some naughty behavior, but I’d recommend it for the 15 years old and up crowd.  Below are the appropriate stalking links ( I don’t mean physical or illegal stalking either!!! Best behavior people!!!)