Changeling Book Review!



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As promised, I finished Changeling and here is my review.

Here’s the technical stuff first:

Author: Debbie Herbert

321 pages



Changeling is about Skye, a college student who happens to be a witch.  She’s not a very good spell caster, but her knowledge of crystals is superb.  She works at a metaphysical shop called the Green Fairy and like most of us, feels awkward in everything she does.

Kheelan, is a changeling, a human who was raised by fairies and forced into servitude.  He’s been tasked with investigating a pixie murder spree and The Green Fairy seems to be ground zero for all the action.

When Kheelan meets Skye, he knows pretty quickly that she has ties to the Fae. Which is a secret about herself that she hasn’t yet discovered. Her ties to the Fae could be the key to his freedom.  His task becomes much more  complicated than trying to solve pixie murders.  Romance, mystery, hidden origins, magic, fairies; all of this melds into a perfect Paranormal Romance.


I started reading Changeling last Thursday and couldn’t put it down. I would have finished sooner if I didn’t have those pesky adult obligations like child rearing and husband coddling hindering my progress. (this is where I would insert some type of emoji)  To be honest, I was going through a major case of Book Burnout and wasn’t looking forward to starting anything.  I made myself start reading anyway and I don’t regret it one bit.  I enjoyed devouring every word and I am pretty sure Debbie is going on my watch list and all her work is going on my TBR List for sure.

The book was well written and easy to read, which is always a delight.  It is also the second in her Appalachian Magic Series, but can be read as a stand alone.  I will say that after reading this one, I want to read Charmed and Dangerous (Book 1 of this series).  It is a must read for YA and New Adult Paranormal Romance Shippers.  Ms. Herbert is traditionally published through Harlequin Romance as well as Indie published.

Here are some links so you can fall under her spell!


Debbie Herbert Amazon Author Page

Thanks to Debbie Herbert for curing my Book Burnout!

Happy Reading,







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