Changes Are A Comin’


I’m 2 months in and couldn’t be more pleased with my journey as a blogger so far!  I have always had a general idea of what I wanted this blog to be, but I’ve struggled to make it happen.  Today I have decided that I’m going to be true to myself and have a little more fun with my work.  I want this to be fun and light so I’m switching up some things in the Book Review Dept.  As of March 1 2016, I will no longer be reviewing Romance Novels of a Mature nature.  Here’s why…..

I do read these types of books from time to time, but honestly, I can’t deal with the naughty scenes.  I’m just not mature enough I guess.  Give me a story with badass characters on a mission and if romance happens, then great! If not, I’m okay.  Some sexy scenes are okay, I just can’t handle graphic ones.  I’m essentially a 16 year old trapped in a 30 year old’s body.

Screenshot 2016-01-29 13.07.46

Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing authors out there who are talented and can write romance like nobody’s business, but it’s out of my comfort zone for sure.  If Romance novels cross my desktop or Kindle, they’ll be Sweet Romance, YA, or Historical where the scenes are a little bit toned down or non existent.

That being said, I will say that I’m looking forward to the last 2 Contemporary Adult Romances I’ll be reviewing this month.  So buckle up, I’m sure we’ll all be in for a wild ride! 😉


Happy Reading!





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