Her Sweetest Downfall


Just finished this little gem of a book by Kellie Wallace.  Her Sweetest Downfall, centers on Viola, an obedient wife and daughter caught up in a terrible marriage and World War II.  Viola wants to please everyone in her life.  Her mother judges her and keeps her on a tight leash, her husband bullies her (believe me, you’ll want to punch him in the throat before you finish the first chapter), and to top it all off there’s this issue with the Germans bombing the crap out of her hometown (London).  For Viola, life is nothing but drudgery.  She works in her mother’s dress shop and is a slave to her husbands whims.  All that changes one fateful day at the market.

She meets Kristoff while out getting supplies at the grocers and the chemistry is instant.  He’s handsome and kind and he happens to help her to safety when an air raid takes place.  She shrugs it off as a kind gesture and goes about her life.  Fate has other plans though and Kristoff ends up in her life on a daily basis.

They begin a disastrous affair that leads to lots of tragedy and heartache.  Do they get a happy ending? Does Hitler win the war? (Just kidding about the last one).  Read the book to find out.

I like this book.  There were times, I’ll admit, I got frustrated and wanted to throw my tablet across the room.  The characters made some choices that left me screaming and frightening my small children.  Then I calmed myself and put my fancy college educated history buff panties on and put everything into context.  It was brilliant.  The characters and their personalities stayed true to the time period.  I also liked that they were flawed.  I could relate to them much easier that way.  It also reminded me of one of my favorite BBC Shows, Call The Midwife; so that sat pretty well with me.  I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to people who love mid- century drama, because it is certainly littered with it!  Also there is no explicit sexual content which I was more comfortable with and probably makes it ok for older teens and obviously adults.

In addition to Historical Romance, Kellie Wallace writes a ton of other stuff as well!

(excerpt from Kellie Wallace Amazon Author Page)…….Since 2013, Kellie has established herself as a hybrid author, writing a range of genres from historical fiction, fantasy, crime and new adult fiction.

Currently she has 7 books available on Amazon and they’re all different genres, which makes her a gal after my own heart! She has a book for every genre I love! So what are you waiting for?  Check her out now!






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