Roanoke Author Invasion!


Who would have thought my first “CON” would be the Roanoke Author Invasion!?  I would’ve thought it would have been Tri-Con, which is located in my little safety net of Huntington, WV.  Instead, with a little babysitter juggling I managed to clear my schedule for the weekend of April 2,2016!  I’m pretty excited and of course I’ll be featuring my little adventure here.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing works by several different authors that will be in attendance, so my fan girl button has been activated. I’m wondering, do I make business/calling cards or something to let them know about me?  Would they recognize me (probably not since my pic is of my Halloween Costume and I don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis)?  Agh!  If anybody out there has been, or will be attending this year, hit me up!  I want some pointers and tips!  Help!


In the meantime here’s a list of featured authors and other pertinent info!  PS Tickets to the event are FREE!


YouTube- YA Authors Roanoke Author Invasion 2016



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