Review: Falling by Tara Benham


An earthquake is coming, soon. A small town in Kentucky is set to be destroyed. Bayla, Heaven’s Soul Collector, has been given two tasks; make sure the earthquake happens according to plan, and also make certain Gray Ellison, a teenaged human, survives. Bayla has a perfect record for completing missions; so, when another angel is added into the mix, she begins to question the Head Council’s faith in her. Just as she is getting used to working with Hadraniel, her unasked for back-up, she has to face another hurdle. When Declan shows up with the mission to make sure Gray doesn’t survive the earthquake, he starts to challenge all of Bayla’s beliefs and plans. Declan isn’t your typical demon. He’s gorgeous and arrogant, but there’s something about him that Bayla can’t quite put her finger on. Declan’s presence threatens the mission to save Gray, and Bayla herself. Will she be able to complete her assigned mission successfully despite these new obstacles, or will Gray be lost to Hell forever?”

13236163_10208118201645558_698954763_nI literally just finished this book 30 seconds ago and I’m thirsting for more! Bayla is an angel who’s been around.  She collected souls in Pompeii, saw the fall of the Roman Empire, and coasted along the Titanic to usher souls to Heaven.  She’s never lost a soul and she takes her job seriously, maybe too seriously.  In the beginning of the book she’s on auto pilot and seems to be all work and no play.  She gets an assignment that’s different than any of her others.  She won’t be collecting souls this time, but saving one.  That’s not the only difference, she also has a partner to work with.

Hadraniel is Blue Angel in training…a soldier of Heaven, which is something not to be 13231076_10208118201605557_270532962_ntrifled with.  He’s loyal and protective and very good at his job. Together he and Bayla need to work out a plan to successfully rescue Gray, a very special human, from the clutches of Hell. If that wasn’t enough, a charming and handsome Demon named Declan, is muddying up her plans.

I haven’t read a novel with Angels and Demons in a while so when I received this copy for review, I was delighted. I wasn’t disappointed either! It’s a YA adventure/romance and very clean. I would recommend it for the 13 years and up crowd.  The story is a bit slow in the beginning but when things pick up in the middle be ready for nonstop action! Also be aware of unanswered questions as this is a series in progress, you’ll have to wait til Book 2. I loved how Bayla’s character evolves from a no nonsense workaholic Angel, to a full spectrum “person” with feelings.  From the first time she makes a friend to the first time she plays Truth or Dare, it’s a delight to witness. I’m giving Falling a 5 out of 5 stars.  It’s a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.






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