Double Review: Sacrificial Blood and The Awakening by Lynn Mullican



Sacrificial Blood


Catherine and Don are visiting a little hole in the wall museum during a weekend trip to the desert.  Don’s a scaredy cat and Catherine loves to scare him. The museum has a frumpy and grumpy curator, and a basement full of lifelike mannequins.  It’s definitely a setup for a typical horror flick and I’m okay with that.  giphy-3

While exploring the basement, the couple encounter some truly terrifying things…basically your worst nightmare if you were to find yourself inside a basement full of lifelike mannequins.  Don has to man up and face his fears in order to get the couple out alive.  This is a short story, and you can probably read it in under an hour.  It moves fast, as most short stories do, and the ending is a jaw dropper.

I’m giving this one a 4 out of 5 stars and would recommend it as a good story to read aloud in the car while on your way to one of those haunted house excursions you’re likely to go on this time of year 😉

The Awakening


Ever watch a really good X-Files episode and then it just goes off.  You’re left kinda confused and you really need another episode quick to take the edge off.  This short story made me feel like that.  I’m also using the X-Files as a comparison because

A: It’s True ( I was expecting Mulder and Scully at any moment)

B: This is a short story about alien abduction

C: It’s Scary

Jessica suffers from several sleep disorders including night terrors.  She also believes she is being abducted and tortured by extraterrestrials.  No one believes her, and during one terrible incident, the worst happens and she ends up in a psychiatric ward.  The story ends with the reader not knowing what’s true and what’s a result of her sleep problems.  It’s not for people who don’t like unresolved endings.  Basically it’s like a sliver or glimpse into poor Jessica’s life, the reader only sees one episode of it.  This would actually make for a great comic book series (Hint Hint Author 😉 )

I’m giving it a 4 out of 5 stars. The content was creepy and I want to know more about the characters.  It’s also a quick read and would be a good campfire story to tell your friends.


Both books can be purchased at Amazon and if you want to check out Author Lynn Mullican you can find her on Facebook


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