Well, it’s NANOWRIMO Eve and I’m pumped! What is NANOWRIMO? National Novel Writing Month, is a tribute to authors and writers all over the world! It’s a month long party.  You can be at any stage of the writing game; a noob or a seasoned veteran. This month everyone is encouraged to write an entire novel (50,000 words) in one month.  Obviously it doesn’t have to be a polished novel ready for submission. The goal is to push yourself to finish.  This will be my second year, last year I failed and tapped out at around 22,000 words.  In a way I won, because I have NEVER written that far into any of my novel ideas.  Most of them get a few chapters and then I let the doubt goblins invade and shelve them.  63824ef244ffd62d5d66dfcbca85ebd7

My story last year is shelved for now, it needs a ton of work, but the characters are solid and the bones are good. I’ll probably work on it in the future.  Will I make it to 50,000 this year? I’m sure as heck gonna try!  I’m superbly lucky to have a great support group of authors and writers to fall back on and my buddy Author Rebecca M Gibson, has my back. I’m entering this year with a positive attitude and a light heart.  Things are going to be fun! November will be dedicated to NANOWRIMO and I have a few authors guest posting articles on Bibliogal! Stay tuned and feel free to chime in at any time about your NANO experiences! Are you entered? Are you ready? In 3 hours (by EST/US time) it’s game on!


Happy Writing!




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