Review: Crystal Dragon: Bad Elements Book 1 by Lynn Mullican


It’s been a long time coming and entirely my fault!  I received the ENTIRE Bad Elements Series as part of the Third Installment’s Release.  My plan had been to read them all and review them during the the month of October and now we are almost done with November.  humble_jennifer


Book 1 in the Bad Elements Series: Crystal Dragon is about Crystal Bouchard.  Crystal wakes up as a prisoner in an underground fight club with no memory of who she is or how she got there.  Told that she has a son, whom her captors will kill should she step out of line, Crystal trains to become the ultimate fighting machine.  Her new world is full of kill or be killed and all fights are TO THE DEATH.  While fighting for her life and that of a son that she has no memory of, Crystal secretly begins to search for answers.

The book is a little slow in the first few chapters and because it’s from Crystal’s point of view and she has amnesia, I felt just as confusgiphy-tumblr.gifed as she was.  The concept of the story is awesome! Badass female fighter who leads with her heart, which is ultimately my favorite character type.
The book is the first in the series so you definitely should go ahead and get the other one because the ending is a cliffy. 😉

I’ll give it a 4 out of 5 stars because the concept and story were great, but the style was a bit all over the place.  All in All, I’m going to put Lynn Mullican on my shelf and recommend her to my friends who enjoy dark and gritty supernatural drama.  Definitely not a YA and would recommend 18 years and up for violent content and some sex scenes.

Stay tuned for the next review, coming soon: Bad Elements Book 2 : Blood for Blood!


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