Review: Between Two Worlds by Tyler Henry


This is a Bibliogal first! I have never “OFFICIALLY” reviewed this type of book before! I am an avid reader of memoirs, self-help, and spiritually driven books. A friend of mine knew this and sent me a surprise in the mail…an autographed copy of Between Two Worlds! (I have to disclose that I am a fan of Henry’s reality show Hollywood Medium on E!) I cracked open this book with enthusiasm and excitement and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s part memoir and part self -help, (and we all know I can use all the self-help a book can throw at me). tenor

The book starts with a very quick recap of Henry’s early childhood and his first “experience”, the premonition of the death of his beloved grandmother.  The book takes a chronological journey from there, recounting how he honed his abilities as a medium and how he got his big break at such an early age.  Midway through, Henry talks about how he focuses and the methods he uses to keep his gift sharp. He also talks about how he struggled to gain acceptance from his conservative father about his abilities, which is also a wonderful story.

I really enjoyed this book. Henry’s writing comes across just as he does on his show: calm and steady.  I personally read it with light-heartedness and in the interest of learning something new.  While I read a ton of paranormal subject matter, it’s usually in a fictional setting.  I’m not here to debate whether mediums are real or hokum, I’m reviewing the book as a fan of the show and as someone who has experienced a few things that I can’t explain. I found that reading something Paranormal in the context of real life situations is quite fascinating and this book awoke me to a new genre of reading. It also inspired further research for my own Urban Fantasy novel in progress!  I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal accountings, memoirs, uplifting reads, or fans of Henry’s in general. I’m giving it a 5 out of 5 Stars.  The content was clear and easy to follow. There is no graphic or explicit material which means it’s safe for my YA readers and fans of clean reads. Most importantly, it left me optimistic and happy, something that doesn’t happen often.  I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did!

I am very thankful to my friend Derric for being so thoughtful in sending me a copy! ❤

Between Two Worlds is available on Amazon and major retailers.



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