Well, it’s NANOWRIMO Eve and I’m pumped! What is NANOWRIMO? National Novel Writing Month, is a tribute to authors and writers all over the world! It’s a month long party.  You can be at any stage of the writing game; a noob or a seasoned veteran. This month everyone is encouraged to write an entire novel (50,000 words) in one month.  Obviously it doesn’t have to be a polished novel ready for submission. The goal is to push yourself to finish.  This will be my second year, last year I failed and tapped out at around 22,000 words.  In a way I won, because I have NEVER written that far into any of my novel ideas.  Most of them get a few chapters and then I let the doubt goblins invade and shelve them.  63824ef244ffd62d5d66dfcbca85ebd7

My story last year is shelved for now, it needs a ton of work, but the characters are solid and the bones are good. I’ll probably work on it in the future.  Will I make it to 50,000 this year? I’m sure as heck gonna try!  I’m superbly lucky to have a great support group of authors and writers to fall back on and my buddy Author Rebecca M Gibson, has my back. I’m entering this year with a positive attitude and a light heart.  Things are going to be fun! November will be dedicated to NANOWRIMO and I have a few authors guest posting articles on Bibliogal! Stay tuned and feel free to chime in at any time about your NANO experiences! Are you entered? Are you ready? In 3 hours (by EST/US time) it’s game on!


Happy Writing!





I want to hold off on book reviews for the moment and bring awareness to an important cause.  While we enjoy Halloween and attend parties and trick-or-treat with our children, some children are fighting for their lives.  Safe Child: Africa urgently needs your help! Thousands of children will be accused of witchcraft and will be tortured and abandoned. Safe Child is trying to raise emergency funds to build a safe haven for the children who have escaped these atrocities.  Please read the letter below.  If you can’t donate, please share as much as you can.





This Halloween, we urgently need your support to help children, toddlers and babies who’ve been accused of witchcraft. The crimes inflicted on them are sickening. Many will be abused and tortured. Others may even be murdered.

That’s why I’m writing to ask you to donate £5 of your ‘Trick or treat’ money to help us give a traumatised child shelter for a night.

These accusations aren’t part of some Halloween-inspired game. There’s no fancy dress, no face-paint. This is all too devastatingly, shockingly real. Our research shows that 80% of accused children will run away or be abandoned by their parents.

Just think about that for a second. A parent abandoning their child because they believe they’re a witch. And this is something that’s happening day after day, week after week.

It’s so important that these children have somewhere to turn – and that’s just what our Safe Child Emergency Centre offers. But this centre wouldn’t exist without the ongoing generosity of people like you. We receive no government funding.

That’s why we urgently – and I mean urgently – need your support this Halloween. Please can you donate £5 to fund the first night for a child in our emergency centre? Or better still, set up a monthly Direct Debit for the same amount.

Our centre gives children protection, medical care, legal support and counseling. Children receive a comfortable bed and, most importantly, are cared for by adults who know they’re just a little boy or girl, not a witch.

For some children, this will be the first time in their young life that they feel safe. And that feeling – that sense of security – is something only people like you can make possible.

So please – donate £5 or whatever you can afford and help pay for a child’s first night in our emergency centre.

To donate now, visit safechildafrica.org.uk/fund-first-night

Thank you,

Dr Emilie Secker


Historical Genre Month Begins


So it’s not officially Historical Genre Month, and I have no idea where people find those types of things.  I just wanted an excuse to officially check out some books that I’ve been dying to read lately. Historical  is actually my favorite genre (Urban Fantasy is my second favorite).  I love Historical Romance, Historical Fiction, Historical Non Fiction and yes, I was that nerd in college who saved ALL of her History text books.  I never sold one, but you can bet my Math books went as soon as finals were over.

I want to know, what are your favorite Historical Books and Sub Genre?


In the Main Stream Media I LOVE Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Phillipa Gregory.  In the reviews this month I’ll be covering Indie Authors Rebecca M. Gibson, Catherine Stine, Odelia Floris, and Miranda D Nelson. All of them have a different type of Historical Theme and I’m pretty excited to introduce you to them.  If you’d like to do some preliminary stalking, here are their Amazon Author Profiles:

Rebecca M Gibson

Catherine Stine

Odelia Floris

Miranda D Nelson



Upcoming and Such


Hey there loyal readers! Summer is quickly approaching.  I know things have been a little stagnate on here but I promise if you bear with me I will have some fun fresh stuff to deliver! I’m in the middle of wedding season and since my day job is in the wedding industry, I’m swamped. Lots of reviews upcoming, Author Spotlights, and Review Tours to  whet your appetite and fill your Summer Reading List. 🙂

Changing lanes for a sec, in addition to reading I watch way too much tv and I don’t get to go out to the movies as much as I want ( the littles forbid it), so tell me what’s going on in the grown up world!

Supernatural is speeding up to it’s season finale, and that opens up time to binge on shows I’ve missed out on.  Any suggestions? Let me know! Same goes for upcoming movies, since the odds of me seeing Civil War are slim ( I haven’t even seen Age of Ultron yet!!!) let me know what your take on it is (No Spoilers )  🙂

As always thanks for your support and Happy Reading!



Hi! It’s Me!


Howdy there! Bibliogal here! I’m not good at filler posts, but I feel like I should post one every now and again to keep things interesting.  Currently I’m Reading Maggie Goes To Hollywood by Kate Danley, who happens to be one of my FAVORITE authors .  This book is the 6th in the Maggie series and a 7th is being written as I type (I’m kind of a stalker…sorry Kate 🙂 ) What is everyone else currently reading and more importantly, tell me if you like it! Even though my TBR stack is un-manageable at the moment, I’m always on the lookout for great reads.

Upcoming in the next few weeks I have 2 Dystopian novels, possibly an Alien YA novel, a thriller (I’ve been warned there are naughty bits), tons of Urban Fantasy, a Historical Non Fiction, and Some Contemporary Romance (though probably the last of it’s kind from me this year…I really like this author so she’s the exception to my rule about not reviewing Contemporary stuff).

Mostly, just wanted to say that I am very thankful for those of you who check in on my little page every once in a while! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Happy Reading!,

Bibliogal                                      tumblr_mc373nhf8w1r31g4wo1_500



Roanoke Author Invasion!


Who would have thought my first “CON” would be the Roanoke Author Invasion!?  I would’ve thought it would have been Tri-Con, which is located in my little safety net of Huntington, WV.  Instead, with a little babysitter juggling I managed to clear my schedule for the weekend of April 2,2016!  I’m pretty excited and of course I’ll be featuring my little adventure here.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing works by several different authors that will be in attendance, so my fan girl button has been activated. I’m wondering, do I make business/calling cards or something to let them know about me?  Would they recognize me (probably not since my pic is of my Halloween Costume and I don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis)?  Agh!  If anybody out there has been, or will be attending this year, hit me up!  I want some pointers and tips!  Help!


In the meantime here’s a list of featured authors and other pertinent info!  PS Tickets to the event are FREE!


YouTube- YA Authors Roanoke Author Invasion 2016




So today I have a bad case of the “Mondays”.  I also have “Spring Fever”, which involves me sitting on my butt and wasting time on Pinterest.  I am obsessed with Window Cleaning Hacks right now, which is very unlike me.  The last time I felt this way, I was 8 months pregnant!  Maybe I feel this way now because I’m old.  I also realized that I’ve left you guys hanging with my whole post about writing a novel and turning my attic into a home office.  So here’s an update on both fronts: Nada has been done!  I’ve been running around like a typical “Hot Mess Mom” and haven’t had much time to pamper my literary baby.  I did manage to get the junk out of the attic but that’s as far as it got.  Decorating and painting are going to be a Summer project I fear.

How in the heck do you authors with small children get things done?  Once my sweet little trolls are in in bed, I spend a few hours undoing their daily damage and then no amount of caffeine can keep me from zonking out on the bed, floor, couch, etc!  Bless you all, you are my heroes!

On the book review front, I’m reading Her Sweetest Downfall by Kellie Wallace.  It will be the last Romance that I review on this blog for a while. After that it’s YA, Dystopian, Historcal Fiction, Historical Non Fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Light Horror, and maybe some good Thrillers. Thanks for letting me vent and get a few things out of my head for a while! Until next time!


Happy Reading!




PS, Here’s a little teaser …

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace - London beautiful sunset colors.

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace – London beautiful sunset colors.