Review: Loving You With Teeth and Claws


Jesus Murphy! This stupid book will plague me forever.  If this blog did awards I would msygive LYWTAC the award for Best Paranormal Romance of the Year…seriously.  Once again, Mcatee has reached out to my jaded soul and soothed it with amazing storytelling and relatable characters.

When I got my copy of LYWTAC, I’m not going to lie.  My fangirl mode was activated and I was giddy. I was unable to do anything but think about this book.  I’m a fan of the Dead Things Series and this prequel has been anticipated for months!! It did not disappoint! 2fa99da0b1b57e7d1d30a92cb9290721

While this is a prequel to Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things, it can be read on its own.  WARNING: Once you read it, you will want to read the other books in the series…you’ve been warned.  (You can also check out my reviews for them here and here)

This book has it all.  Snark, a smart heroine, heated encounters, mythology, witches, shifters, fae, reapers, and banshees all come together to create a well-written and addictive novel.  The writing is smart and I never lost interest.  In fact, I didn’t put it down and read the ENTIRE book in a day and trust me, it’s a big one.

I am happily giving this book 5 out of 5 Stars and I’m going to rock back and forth crazily until my addiction is fed with a third Dead Things novel.  I should also note that tumblr_mjxz84yElm1qkfwf2o1_500while the series is YA, this book is Adult Romance, with some smolder but no graphic depictions of intimacy, so I would personally deem it appropriate for older teens. (Disclaimer: My opinion solely, not based on ANY professional recommendations blah blah blah)

I especially loved this book because it’s an origin story of involving everyone’s favorite blended family.  I love how the author depicts the struggles of raising a family, sure, it’s a blended supernatural family of orphans and a college-aged alpha wolf trying to raise largethem, but it works and it’s beautiful. Everyone has a past and everyone makes mistakes, and everyone has to learn how to deal.  I can’t say enough about this book, or the series in general.  This deserves to go on my shelf as an actual paperback and not just an e-copy.


Something Blue Release Tour!


Would you marry the perfect stranger?






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In the city of Monopolis where happily ever after is just a scientific formula away, Valentine Morland has been waiting nine years for her day to come. Now it’s here, and she will marry the man of her dreams, a stranger to her, before being swept off to life of carefree luxury and bliss, courtesy of the Jigsaw Project. However, all is not as Valentine imagined as her new husband is quickly discovered as not the man of her dreams, but one who claims he isn’t capable of love at all. Harbouring an intense paranoia for the system, which upholds the very idealist fantasy that Valentine holds so dear, Clark threatens to throw her into a world, not of bliss, but of scary consequence where her every emotion is under scrutiny. Can it be that the scientific formula with a 99% success rate got it all wrong, or is everything in the world of Bliss Inc. more sinister than it seems?






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Release Blitz: Keeper Of Crows by Casey L. Bond

Title: Keeper of Crows
Author: Casey Bond
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Horror
Cover Designer: Regina Wamba at Mae I Design & Photography
Editor: Stacy Sanford, The Girl with the Red Pen
Book Trailer by: Rebecca Ethington
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
Carmen Kennedy is a spoiled brat from Beverly Hills with a chip on her shoulder and a cocaine addiction to match. Using drugs to suppress reality, her life is more than she can stomach most days. All she wants is to disappear, and on one fateful night, her wish is granted.
There is a world that exists just beyond the fabric of our own. When Carmen is dragged there against her will, her hopelessness seems to disappear, replaced by a determination to survive. The Keeper of Crows is charged with guarding Carmen, but is safety a possibility in a world so desolate? Can love blossom when danger lies in wait? Together, they fight like hell, seeming to lose more ground than they gain with each battle against the dark enemy threatening to tear them apart. Can love keep her safe? Can it give her the strength she needs?
When the lines between life and death, reality and dream become blurred, who will save the souls trapped in the spaces between Heaven and Hell? Who will save Carmen’s only love, The Keeper of Crows?

Award-winning author Casey L. Bond resides in Milton, West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters. When she’s not busy being a domestic goddess and chasing her baby girls, she loves to write young adult and new adult fiction.You can find more information about Bond’s books via the following links:

Review: Bayou Wolf by Debbie Herbert


Bayou Wolf is the latest installment of Debbie Herbert’s Bayou Magic Series.  It’s a Harlequin Nocturne publication and full of what I’ve come to expect from Debbie.  The story is about Tallulah, a Choctaw Shadowhunter.  She is the only female in her group that aids in keeping the balance of good and evil in Bayou La Syrena (literally the best town ever…I mean I want to live there soooo bad).  She’s had some really tough breaks in the romance department until she meets Payton.

Payton is a wolf shifter from Montana, just coasting through life by obeying his Alpha and traveling with his job.  He meets Tallulah and sparks fly.  He’s fascinated by her, but lots of obstacles; like murder and disapproval from the pack, stand in their way.

I enjoyed this book immensely.  I’m a huge fan of this series and finished my book in a day (as I have with nearly all of Debbie’s books) I’m gladly (and FREELY) giving this book 5 out of 5 stars! It’s a Harlequin publication so it is definitely 18+ but the intimate scenes, as always, are tastefully written and fit the storyline well. I hope you enjoy Bayou Wolf as much as I did!67942983

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Review: Charmed By The Salem Witch by Debbie Herbert


“Freshman Year can be deadly in Salem . . . At the Women’s College of Salem, Sarah hopes to meet like-minded students of The Craft. But after joining a coven, the other girls seem to have it in for her and she can’t figure out why . . . . . . until Tanner, the new, cute IT guy, helps uncover her family’s dark secret. Sarah will have to learn to trust Tanner if she’s to survive a killer freshman year. And Tanner must accept his paranormal powers to save Sarah when the blood moon rises at Samhain, the witch’s Halloween.”


I received this book as a gift and am cheerfully and freely giving an honest review. Charmed, is the third installment of Debbie Herbert’s Appalachian Magic series and continues the saga with Tanner, who was the beloved jock and Skye’s secret crush in Changeling. It seems that Mr. Perfect has found himself in cold Salem, Mass and missing his Sweet Home Alabama (haha see what I did there 😉 ). He meets Sarah and magic happens.

I really enjoyed this book. Herbert once again captures the atmosphere and sets the scene so as to make the reader feel as if they are actually there.  I felt like a fly on the wall the whole time!  Another cool thing about this book? Herbert can really write mean girl cliques well.  It was reminiscent of the movie The Craft.  So please,  if you love that movie, you’ll love this book. The actual story is quite creative and a neat take on the Salem Witch Trials, I thought I’d read every version, alteration, and theory; but this one is new to me and I wasn’t bored at any point. The story is NA or New Adult and contains some sexual content so probably 18+ would be my recommendation for the age range.  It was a fun read and I got through it in a day.  I’m giving this one a solid 5 out of 5 stars and am left swooning over the world Debbie has created.  Once again, I’m left wishing this world actually existed! So guess I’m going to have to watch the movie that defined my teenage years and reread the Appalachian Magic Series!


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Review: Way Down Below by Nicole Thorn and Sarah Hall


It’s been a minute, but I’m back with a new review!large Today’s review: Way Down Below by Nicole Thorn and Sarah Hall, is a YA/NA Paranormal Romance.

Blurb: ” Ever since Luc Bishop’s brother died, he and his sisters have been hunting his killer. The last thing Luc expected was to meet Shiloh.

Shiloh Whittaker has spent her entire life trapped by her family’s religious beliefs. When she meets Luc, her entire world is turned upside down. For the last couple of years, Shiloh and her best friend, Faith, have been pulling away from their structured upbringing.

Then they meet the Bishops, three of many children Lucifer has sired. Shiloh wants nothing to do with them, but finds herself caught up in their lives when their brother’s killer comes back to play. With the killer circling, and Shiloh torn between two desires, she feels more caged than ever.” 


The premise of the story is quite interesting: The spawn of Satan live among us as trouble making teenagers and are hunting their rogue sibling.  In between hunting, they take up with 2 young ladies who live under the strict thumb of their extremely conservative and extremely religious families.  Worlds collide and the story unfolds.  There’s romance, friendship, and some real coming-of – age stuff involved.

I would advise that this probably isn’t for younger or middle grade teens and definitely not a Children’s book as there are some adult themes being dealt with. I’m giving this book a 3 out of 5 stars.  The premise is interesting and the cover is gorgeous, but I had trouble connecting with the characters.  I felt they lacked depth and were only 2 dimensional.  With that being said, I do feel that younger readers (15-25) may connect better.
I do appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating a story and I don’t give ratings willy-nilly. If you would like to learn more about the authors and this novel, check out the link below.

Way Down Below- Amazon , GoodReads, CHBB Publishing


Review: Ruthless Beings: ABC by Ruth G Juliano


Just finished reading Ruthless Beings: ABC by Ruth G Juliano.  Wowee! It was definitely a roller coaster ride! I ran a full gamut of emotion on this one; laughter, anger, happiness, and WTF.  200_s-1

Here’s the dish:

Amethyst Callinger is a “Billionaire Baby”. She’s grown up sheltered from the outside world, but inside her gilded cage, things were NOT all glitter and gold.  After the sudden death of her father, she finds herself alone in the real world for the first time.  She soon finds that the world is both beautiful and ugly.  While she’s trying to learn how to “Adult”, Amethyst finds herself in a complicated love triangle with Nathaniel and Nicholas Day. It’s complicated on so many levels! They’re not only brothers, but best friends, and her bosses!

In addition to a complicated love triangle, she discovers that her family had secrets….Angry-Gordon-Ramsay-Wonders-Whats-So-Complicated-In-Hells-Kitchen.giflots of secrets.  She also finds that she didn’t know her beloved father as well as she thought she did.  There are so many mysteries to solve and plot twists to navigate! In all reality, this book has everything I don’t like in a book: abuse in all forms; financial, emotional, physical, and sexual, a naive to a fault heroine, a jerk hole alpha male, and near passive “beta” male.  The problem is, while I should in all theories, dislike this book, I couldn’t put it down!  When Amethyst made terrible decisions, or should I say decisions I wouldn’t make, I found myself feeling motherly toward her.  “It’s okay honey, you’ll learn not to do that next time.” I found myself repeating as a mantra during the duration of this book.

The writing style is direct and simple. No flowery language, hyperbole, or unnecessary adjectives or descriptions.  This was nice because the themes and complex emotions the characters are dealing with are enough.  Also, in the Author’s Note at the beginning of the novel, Juliano also explains why she chose to write this way.  I will say there are unanswered questions and plot holes…I’m sure it was intentional as this is an ongoing series and the author is about to publish book number 7. Hopefully this means my questions will be answered in time.

giphy-2If you’re a fan of Soap Operas…particularly, Dallas, you’ll enjoy Ruthless Beings.  I personally feel like it could be easily compared to Jackie Collins Santangelo Family series.  Cutthroat, Romance, Criminals, it’s all there in black and white waiting for you to enjoy. I’m giving this a 5 out of 5  stars because it was COMPLETELY out of my reading comfort zone and yet, through great storytelling, it kept me focused and riveted to my kindle! I finished in just under 24 hours. It was great!

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