Cover Reveal! Butterfly Box Anthology


(¯`v´¯) Cover Reveal
`*.¸.*´ The Butterfly Box
¸.•´¸.•*¨) ¸.•*¨) A SASS Anthology
(¸.•´ (¸.•´ .•´ ¸¸.•¨¯`•.#SASSAuthor

Free your imagination as you delve into this eclectic mix of healing tales from nine authors, just as different as their stories. Lift the lid and take a peek inside The Butterfly Box.

Authors include
Jenn Hype
Kate Vine
Brooke May
KM Neuhold
Rebecca M. Gibson
Tricia Copeland
Eleanor Lloyd Jones
Riann C. Miller
Katie Fox

The charity is Medecins Sans Frontieres, with all proceeds going to them

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Jenn Hype
Kate Vine
Brooke May
KM Neuhold
Rebecca M Gibson
Tricia Copeland
Eleanor Lloyd-Jones
Riann C Miller
Katie Fox



Kellie Wallace


Howdy folks! I know I just got done reviewing a new book by Kellie Wallace, but I thought I’d take the time to enlighten you on another genre of books she writes.  While she is good at writing action packed spy thrillers, she’s also great at penning romance! Specifically World War II romance.  I actually reviewed her latest title in that area about a month ago! Check it Out Here…Her Sweetest Downfall

To check out this romance about losing it all and picking yourself back up again simply click the links below!

Amazon –
B and N –

12241196_10156229769955494_9193828105920640478_n    12417600_10156383009385494_8004985621211890221_n

Happy Reading!





Witch Of The Cards



Look what’s out! Catherine Stine’s Ruby’s Fire was my very first independent book review and I’m very pleased to bring you her newest release…Witch of the Cards.  Here’s an excerpt from this Historical Paranormal Jewel….

Witch of the Cards teaser 3

As this combines 2 of my favorite genres, you bet I’ll be bringing more information to the table.  Until then, stalk these links and enter the the Rafflecopter Giveaway Contest!

Join the Witch of the Cards Facebook March 23 launch party:
I’ve been to a few of these parties. Not only do you get to “meet” the author, but you get introduced to other authors, and other fans.  Not to mention a chance or two at winning some great reads! In fact that’s exactly how I was introduced to Catherine Stine Novels in the first place!
 Rafflecopter Link:

Witch Of The Cards Release Blitz Celebration

here are the prizes!

One $30 gift card, one signed paperback of Dorianna (or eBook), one signed paperback of Witch of the Cards (or eBook), one super-swag pack of Catherine’s personally designed greeting cards.

And of course here are the buy links…I’m certainly going shopping today 😉

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:





Amazon CA:

Amazon AU:

Roanoke Author Invasion!


Who would have thought my first “CON” would be the Roanoke Author Invasion!?  I would’ve thought it would have been Tri-Con, which is located in my little safety net of Huntington, WV.  Instead, with a little babysitter juggling I managed to clear my schedule for the weekend of April 2,2016!  I’m pretty excited and of course I’ll be featuring my little adventure here.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing works by several different authors that will be in attendance, so my fan girl button has been activated. I’m wondering, do I make business/calling cards or something to let them know about me?  Would they recognize me (probably not since my pic is of my Halloween Costume and I don’t wear that much makeup on a daily basis)?  Agh!  If anybody out there has been, or will be attending this year, hit me up!  I want some pointers and tips!  Help!


In the meantime here’s a list of featured authors and other pertinent info!  PS Tickets to the event are FREE!


YouTube- YA Authors Roanoke Author Invasion 2016




So today I have a bad case of the “Mondays”.  I also have “Spring Fever”, which involves me sitting on my butt and wasting time on Pinterest.  I am obsessed with Window Cleaning Hacks right now, which is very unlike me.  The last time I felt this way, I was 8 months pregnant!  Maybe I feel this way now because I’m old.  I also realized that I’ve left you guys hanging with my whole post about writing a novel and turning my attic into a home office.  So here’s an update on both fronts: Nada has been done!  I’ve been running around like a typical “Hot Mess Mom” and haven’t had much time to pamper my literary baby.  I did manage to get the junk out of the attic but that’s as far as it got.  Decorating and painting are going to be a Summer project I fear.

How in the heck do you authors with small children get things done?  Once my sweet little trolls are in in bed, I spend a few hours undoing their daily damage and then no amount of caffeine can keep me from zonking out on the bed, floor, couch, etc!  Bless you all, you are my heroes!

On the book review front, I’m reading Her Sweetest Downfall by Kellie Wallace.  It will be the last Romance that I review on this blog for a while. After that it’s YA, Dystopian, Historcal Fiction, Historical Non Fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Light Horror, and maybe some good Thrillers. Thanks for letting me vent and get a few things out of my head for a while! Until next time!


Happy Reading!




PS, Here’s a little teaser …

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace - London beautiful sunset colors.

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Palace – London beautiful sunset colors.

February Bethany House Books: Romantic Tension


Thanks Bethany House for providing some alternatives!

Source: February Bethany House Books: Romantic Tension

Sometimes I get burned out on reading actual lovemaking scenes and need to take a break. The solution to the problem? Romantic Tension, all the clean fun you can handle! (not being cheeky, I really do enjoy this type of read just as much as the regular “steamy” Romance novel)


Invitation To The Ball




When I was younger, as in before I had children, I was always looking for ways to hang out with my friends.  Slumber parties, Dinner Parties, Hang Outs, Bonfires, you name it I was there.  Then babies came and the invitations dried up.  I’ll be honest, it hurt.  I thought terrible things about myself when these childless friends stopped calling.  After wallowing in self pity for a while, I picked myself up and made a new game plan.

I’ve always been a reader with a voracious appetite.  Reading has been a hobby that has stayed with me forever and it is now responsible for where I’m at today.  Thanks to reading and the internet I discovered a vast world of wonderful authors and fellow bookworms.  It is a supportive and friendly community and the best part, the social get together are online!

My first “party” was several weeks ago.  It was a celebration of the author Katie M. John and her release of the series Beautiful Freaks.  After that it was a Fan Appreciation Party hosted by a bevy of amazing authors, including my girl crush Kate Danley.  These online parties celebrating books and their hardworking creators made me feel like I was part of something special and important.  Even better, I’ve met some amazing people.  Author AC Clarke is one of them. After meeting her at the Beautiful Freaks party, I’ve watched her Facebook adventures and wish we were BFF’s (don’t worry I’m not a stalker or anything).

Another perk to these parties, swag.  I’ve won several copies of books attending these fun shindigs and I’m very appreciative.  In fact, Ruby’s Fire, my first official blog review, was the prize I won at a release party.  I’m so happy I’ve found this community of bibliophiles and master wordsmiths.

To the aspiring writers out there slugging it out on the computer, Don’t Give Up! You absolutely matter, your work matters.  It may not seem like it now but one day, some depressed and lost soul will happen upon your work and suddenly their world will have purpose again.  Thank You to all the authors I’ve been introduced to in the last few years.  Y’all have saved me in so many ways!

So the next time you get an Event Invite on Facebook, check it out, it could lead to so many great things!

Happy Reading,images